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 Ignis Inubashiri Ray

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PostSubject: Ignis Inubashiri Ray   Ignis Inubashiri Ray Icon_minitimeThu Dec 22, 2016 11:10 pm

*name:  Ignis Inubashiri Ray 'akasha bloodriver'
◾birthplace. unknown
◾brithday. unknown
◾age. looks 28, around 2800 years roughly
◾weight and height:115lb,5'6"
Reistau color: crimson with a hint of gold sparks
◾race. Shinigami / Vampire ( not a bount)
(vampire type-nosferatu(shinso)
⦁  Squad 10 Lieutenant
◾weapon, Kurimuzonkuīn / Yōso no kurimuzonkuīn( a two stage bankai )
  'Kurimuzonkuīn : is a crimson blade that emits white and blue flames wraped by lightning . hollows being contained with the zanpakutos soul makes the user unpredictible.  ' Yōso no kurimuzonkuīn: goes all elemental fire and lightning has no limit but the other elements ice and water can take a toll .  it’s also a two stage, stage 1 is standard as the 2nd is double the strength and a abilty to switch to a extra set of blades to perform a deadly blow that drains  body heat of a enemy .
◾character history. Born with the abiltys and pyshical features of a vampire but possesses powers of a Shinigami. With a mother like behavior some people can't predict her intentions clearly which ends up throwing them in a state of panic.
   Which is why she is the most feared vampire to rivial Dracula, and to Yamatato who is her good friend. "Trusting" is what he feels bout her before he died. she was going to join the 13 court guard squads
but recent events occured and has taken her to search for her vampire daughter and son that appeared in her dream and how she was reincarnated desprate for the truth. she has to see if the girl in the dream is real if so then her name was once Akasha Bloodriver mother of the twins, akashiya moka and akashiya zero. so now Ignis' roams to find her family.
    But over time She meets a one man over a few years in her search, who easily tricked her and gave birth to more children, and a year lafter she finally finds the two akashiya zero and akashiya moka. Now settled in a decent location they now hope to live among the humans in the city in a castle overlooking them.
   But 1000 years later, she took some kids with her left the city for a while in the care of her eldest daughter. went back to visit but remember she going to be in the court guard squads. so she joined the squad 10 and became a lieutenant. Reason for joining are unknown but her skills and brutal blade is what helps keep her troublesome kids inline.
◾family line:  father Classified Mother Classified  : Momiji (daughter) Nozomi ( daughter) noshiro (grandson) Ichi ( grandaughter) Zero ( son) there are two more kids but she will not discloses the names. Nasanieru (husband) and Captain Hitsugaya (son-in-law married Nozomi)
◾personalilty: Ignis has a strong sense of justice and love for her family. she speaks out to defend a friend and she takes a hit for the safety of her family.
enjoys reading books and gardening. she teachs combat when she needs to and will be strick on those who give her shit,
but her kind heart is what gets her friends that she can trust. She enjoys roaming the garden and working on machinces, Ignis is currently aware of her past and is compelled to see it through to the end.
◾appearance.  Ignis Inubashiri Ray Snap1010  crimson red eyes and long crimson hair that glows in the moon light and the dress was hand made for mobility  
Weakness/ weakness effects. : weak to water when skin is exposed to water, healing is halted (for 8turns) and strength is greatly droped in half (25% - 50%)
Talent(s): kido , protection , combat , and to adapt to current conflict fast
Reputation: sexy . Lovely, attractive.
Love Interest(s): Married but can be seduced.
Friend(s): Toshiro, Yomu, minori, rosemary, Karly, Nasanieru, momiji, nozomi
World of the Living: Ichigo
Soul Society: Momiji, Nozomi, Nasanieru , toshiro, unohana
Las Noches: Yomu, Minori
Enemy(ies): ???
The Character’s Abilities
Fighting Style: unknown
Zanpakutō: the zanpakuto traps the souls of the people it defeats it can only hold up to 3 and the zanpakuto can give the soul a physical form for a short period but only one at a time bankai can summon all 3 at once , it can switch back and forth between  abiltys by the stance of the user. from souls to the primary element and its attacks.  ignis still hasn’t mastered the soul stance  completely.
Zanpakutō Element: lightning and fire
Zanpakutō Spirit:   Ignis Inubashiri Ray _fujiw10 is one Women long white hair and red eyes  that capatured three arrancar souls
names :  Lilth/the hostile eldest brutal relentless  Nola/ calm mature loyal  Tola/ who is a wild child, savage. all three lend their power but only two become the blades. one becomes armor.
   They even gave Ignis their hollow powers on a certain condition.. what it is? is really unknown.

◾abiltys(6active 4passive)
1.absorbsion:absorbs fire or lightning based attacks.
Fire and lightning both have thermal energy(aka heat). You could absorb a good amount of it from an attack and weaken their attack and help give her energy

2.regeneration: fast healing regruadless of being cut in half or head cut off .has a very nasty price of eating away at the stamina.
limited to 3 (per Roleplay for the fatal attacks) her blood can heal her wounds but she can't recover blood right away so too much blood loss will affect her just as it would anyone else.
Observer: foresight/or current events.(non combative)

3.extreame inhuman strength: blood can be converted into overwhelming raw power.

4. survival form only happens when she is near death but takes 3 turns to start , but its also dangerous a chance where she won't know who allies or enemies are or she will go feral.

(active) type attacks and lightning type attacks: water disables vampire abiltys so water is labled as the weakness.

2.Shunpo :  vampire/shinigami abilty.

3. morphing into animals or other people.

4.summoning creatures/clones to aid in time of need
5. stance switch ( limited to 2 : not not access primary nature without attacking in the right combat stance. the abiltys are so sensitive  that they wont be as effective as they should.

6.sword release and limter unleashed      level 1 is 1turn
              level 2 is 2 turns and so on
              level 3 shit i just double level 2s turns for this.

◾combat traits. swordsmaster/ gun master / expert spellcaster

Combat stats:limter locked:
psychical strength:75/100
Combat stats:with limiter released:
psychical strength:100/100
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Ignis Inubashiri Ray
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