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Character Information

Name : Yokoshima "Yoko" Sonzai
Gender : Male
Race : Vizard/Arrancar Hybrid
Actual Age : 3161
Visual Age : 30

Appearance :

Yokoshima Sonzai Yokoso10

Personality : A man who lacks all empathy, a sociopath. He's Sarcastic and laid back, which usually leads to him not caring in battles; merely defending most times.

History :
Yokoshima belonged to the second generation of Shinigami trained at Shin'o Academy. Being one of the top students there and receiving special attention from Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, teaching him how to control his Shikai and later his Bankai. Though he was a top student, he was an outcast, preferring to learn academics instead of martial arts. Because of this, many people underestimated him. Challenging him often and losing. Granting him a furious reputation his last years there.

Once he graduated, he was placed in the 12th squad of the still new Gotei 13. He made his way through the ranks and became a Lieutenant with in years of service. Then one night, for the first time in the history of the 12th squad, he usurped his rank of Captain. Obsessed with his love of alchemy and armed with a morbid curiosity, he began to experiment on living things. Mostly developing anti-hallow weapons or testing the limits of spirit energy manipulation; but on his off time, he created his own mechanations. They were mostly created from scrap, but Yoko would throw in parts of his volunteers. To see how far he push the power of spirit energy. Soon he grew bored of just creating abominations and killing them off. He started to experiment on himself and what he could do to make himself stronger. Even if he looked like pizza the hut.

Quickly he found strength in hollowfication. Going so far as to find a way into Hueco mundo, to examine how hollows acted in a natural habitat and how certain hollows came to be. He came armed with new intelligence and more questions. He continued to experiment, in secret, on his own men. Trying to find a secret way to control yourself as a hallow. Soon he developed a crude Hōgyoku, which, kept tempting him and trying to control him. He soon stopped listening to it and now only uses it as jewelery. Stating that it is to imperfect to know what Yoko wants. So he kept studying and testing on his men, to find strength in the unity of both Hollow and Shinigami. Keeping notes as he moved on through experiments.

This study took years and he isolated himself from the rest of the captains, causing many rumors to arise. Only showing up when ordered to. The rumors continued to grow and it was enough to warrant a search of his shrine. What the captains found was dense spiritual energy, nearly crushing them and certainly crushing anyone in the building. Going further into depth of the 12th squad shrine, they found a transformed Yokoshima. The scent of hallow in the air.

The captains, questioned and received answers, only angering them. The Captains in unison, attacked Yoko. Yoko was overwhelmed quickly by the Captains and lost control. He quickly turned into a hallow, one with unmatchable strength. For days this hallow reeked havoc on the soul society, until the captains all joined together, with the Royal guard(at this time was like what, 2 people?) and banished the monster from the Soul Society.

Now he just wanders, picking up any skill he can to keep his mind occupied and not letting the hallow in. Though, every once in a while it breaks though regardless.

Division :
Formally 12th Squad
Seat : Former Captain

Strengths :
Complete understanding of molecular structure: Yoko, through studies, has memorized everything of molecular matter. Even how to change it's composition and construction. For instance, changing lead to gold.
Can Create simple objects with his spirit energy: Anything from weapons(swords, axes, etc etc) to bowls, he can create with any matter.
Immense Spiritual Power: Yoko possessed one of the greatest spiritual energies in the Gotei 13 at the time, but after his banishment, he stopped trying to become better, so most of his spiritual energies are undefined or unrefined.
Kidō Master: To make up for his lackluster fighting abilities, Yoko started to train in Kido spells. Enhanced by his own studies, these spells are Morbid shadows of their former selves. He is capable of using level 80 hado with out incantations.
Defensive sword master: Yoko rarely attacks outright, so he tends to defend until the opponent is tired or angry enough to drop their guard. Then he attacks.
Spiritual Awareness: As a spiritual being, Yoko can sense Arrancars/Visords/Shinigami at a significant distance.

Weaknesses :
Laziness: Yoko, after his banishment, has become lazy and unwilling to fight sometimes. Preferring to drink and lounge around.
Misanthropic: has a general disdain for any Shinigami. Holding the grudge from his banishment. Though from his laziness, he generally doesn't act on this hatred.
Too Curious: the only thing that can snap Yokoshima out of his laziness; is his curiosity. He will begin experimenting o n any new matter that crosses his path, just to see how far it can go.
If in battle for to long, he will lose control and become his hallow-self. Around 6 hours.

Reiatsu Color : White

Zanpakutou Information
Zanpakutou Name : Tetragrammaton
Zanpakutou Command : Speak, Malak/Malkira
Inner World :
Yokoshima Sonzai A_forl10
Zanpakutou Sprits :

Shikai Appearance :
Shikai Abilities : While creating an angel representing both commands as an appropriate amplifier. These two amplifiers give him specific benefits, while robbing others.
shikai form 1, Malak: Small and thin swords = quicker strikes, and the subform is jabbing it into the ground to summon angels that are quick and nimble but don't quite pack a punch
shikai form 2, Malkira: heavier swords which grants more strength, and accordingly, jabbing it into the ground will summon things that pack a punch but aren't as quick.
shikai form 3, Cameal, though rarely used outside of sparring, it is a powerful combination of speed and strength, amplifying Yoko's usually weaker fighting abilities. His blade splits into two. One large blade for defense and power attacks and one small blade for quick attacks and personal defense. The only downside to this is that his abilities aren't nearly as amplified as his other shikai forms. Also, it's activaton command is longer than his other two shikais, making him a target in fight while activating it.

[b]Bankai Name :
Bankai Appearance :

Bankai Abilities : When activated, Yoko's Zanpaktos turn into beams of light while summoning a Seraph. Who, like the angels of Yoko's Shikiai, amplify his powers. His Bankai gives him all the physical benefits and none of the penalties.  The Seraph that is summoned is 40 feet tall, but unlike his Shikai, it can't separate into many smaller angels. Yoko can control it's movement with his Zanpakto.

Summon the Elohim:
Yoko absorbs the massive Seraph, taking away his Zanpakto, giving a huge increase in his Kido proficiency. His appearance changes only slight, giving Yoko six wings as Kido amplifiers. His physical benefits are lessened, but are still there. With out his Zanpaktos though, he has to resort to hand to hand, something he has very little knowledge of.

Quell this rebellion:
Yoko's ultimate ability. At the end of the process, the opponent he uses this on, will be wiped away from existence. Along with Yoko. In truth the ability is to strong for Yokoshima and will end up destroying him in the process. With this knowledge, Yoko has never used this ability or knows much about it.

While Hollowfied: While Hollowfied, Yoko's Bankai activates immediately. Giving his Hollow form two swords of fire, except no amplifying angel.

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