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 Basic Site Rules

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PostSubject: Basic Site Rules   Fri Sep 11, 2009 9:26 pm

Every site has rules, whether one likes it or not.

Posting Rules

1. Language
This is an english RP forum, so please type proper english. Any posts in other languages will be deleted.

2. Swearing
If you do, keep it in character, not to blatantly attack another user. We reserve the right to delete those posts as well.

3. Offensive Material
Do not post any sexual or abusive content in this forum. (Armed conflict/political violence is okay as long as its kept to the Spam Catagory.) Your post will be deleted, and your account will get banned if this goes on.

Character Creation

1. God Mod
Know your character's limits. Do not make your character invincible or have almighty power or something like that. There is only one Aizen, just as there was only one Yamamoto.

2. Races
This is a Bleach forum. I understand that there are many known races, but don't go crazy (such as creating a werewolf, dragon or zombie). I don't want to see any walking turf sandwiches or giant douches with candy sticks roaming the site.

3. Ranks
You can choose any rank you want if the clan you choose exists in the series.
Example: Gotei 13 - You can become a captain if there is an opening unfilled by other users (Captain-Commander and similar leader ranks are not though) There are no requirements to make your character a very high ranking person.
However, note that when you say you want to become a seated member of a clan, you will have to include in your character history why/how that member left and how you obtained the position.

4. Clans
If you want your character to join a certain clan that doesn't exist within the series, make it a believable and in Bleach-like character clan.

Role Playing

1. Controlling Characters
You may NOT control another user member's character unless you have the permission to do so. If you control another member's character without permission in a post otherwise, you will first be called out on the bullshit and failing to edit will result in the post's deletion.

Bad Example : In a swift motion, Isamu slices Tetsuya into half.
Good Example : Isamu attempts to cut Tetsuya into half with one swift motion.

In the bad example, you control Tetsuya by saying that he was sliced into half. In the good example, you do not control Tetsuya, so it is, acceptable.

2. Canon Characters
You can bring in characters from the Bleach series into the RP. But if you're going to do so, keep the character true to their personality. These characters CAN be controlled, but CANNOT be killed. You also cannot make them join your clan. Their loyalty remains with their sided faction(s) in the series.

3. Unnecessary Appearance.
Do not post for the sake of posting. If you do, have the common intelligence to know whats going on make your post as such. The creator of an RP topic is trying to tell a story, so feel free to butt in but don't derail the plot.


1. Controlling
If you volunteer your character for a plot, you are giving permission to the plot designer to use your character according to the plot, though they will not be killed off (unless of course you and the person work that out). Remember that.

Spam Category

1. Spam
Do not spam in topics out of this category. This category was specifically made for spam/general messages. Since its spam, most posting rules above do not work for this category.


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Basic Site Rules
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