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 Kishuki Mara

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PostSubject: Kishuki Mara   Tue Aug 11, 2009 1:38 pm

Name : kishuki Mara
Gender : female
Surface Age : 500
Visual Age : 21

Appearance : She is very beutiflul and has lustorus red hair that when she moves it looks as if her hair is fire its self her chest is rather large and she has to wrap it up so as to keep them from gewtting in her way when she is working she is also very tall about 5'11

Personality : she has a sort of firey temper but she has a heart of gold and a good head on her shoulders. She is very intelegent strong willed and is sort of thick headed but wheln people meet her she usualy becomes easy firends

History : She was killed brutally when she was just seven , she came form a small rural area of japan wheer she was taught the ways of a ninja, but her parents made her hide her firery hair from the village afraid that the villagers would retaliate against her.One day she had just finished her hand to hand combatwich she was very good at when she had herad someone come up behind her she turned around just as the person grabbed her and threw her on the gorund he then tied her up to a stick and the villagers attacked her for days on end with all sorts of unexcusable weapons, then her own father was forced to make the final bone crushing blow to her heart.
She grew up in one of the smaller villages with a very mixmatched family she was messing with one of her friends when out of no where a holow appeared and she stood infront of it and out of no where she drew a sword and with out realizing what seh was doing she cut the beast down. Two shinigami had come around the bend and had seen what she had done and asked her many questions then wnet to see her family and then took her to the school for shinigami
She showed great skills in her sword play and martial arts in school and soon graduated at the top of her class.She then began working her way up in her division until she got vice captain.

Division : 11
Seat : 2nd

Strengths : she is good with swrod play and hand to hand combat
Weaknesses : she isnt good with her "hono's", her sight at veryfew times will gwet blury with anger

Zanpakutou Information

Zanpakutou Nam zanbori
Zanpakutou Command : Zanbori blaze and wash away
Inner World : her world is a mix of fire and water the sky is a flame and there is no land just water
Zanpakutou Spirit : her spirit is a mix between a fire fox and a water spirit that looks like a woman but has fox ears and tail with red hair and blue tint to her skin her form changes depending the reasons for Kishuki's visit

Shikai Appearance : her hair really turns a blaze and her zanpaktou becomes longer andit almost splits into two swords
Shikai Abilities : she canshoot small fire balls from the left half of her sword and from the right half diamond cutting water

Bankai Name : Zanborituma
Bankai Appearance : she grows tow wings one of water and one of fire and her sword merges intoa large blade that swirls and changes depending on which element she is using she also sort of grows ears and a tail
Bankai Abilities : she can shoot fire water from her sword after short breaks betwenn shots, and she becomes much faster then when she is in her shikai form
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Vampiric Sentinel
Vampiric Sentinel

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PostSubject: Re: Kishuki Mara   Tue Aug 11, 2009 7:02 pm

Oh, someone to replace Sakura. Seems okay for approval.


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PostSubject: Re: Kishuki Mara   Tue Aug 11, 2009 9:35 pm

Yep, just gotta get herself an avatar now.

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PostSubject: Re: Kishuki Mara   

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Kishuki Mara
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