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 Takeda Xinlai

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Tetsuya / Lenora / Takeda
Tetsuya / Lenora / Takeda

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PostSubject: Takeda Xinlai   Fri May 29, 2009 4:23 pm

Character Information

Name :Takeda Xinlai
Gender :Male
Surface Age :1620(Very few people actually know this)
Visual Age :27 (This is assumed by those not older than 730)

Appearance :His black hair is kept in a medium length most of the time, and Takeda often wears a black formal Kimono. He is slim but muscular, and has green eyes which when looked into, seem to know everything about you including your zanpaktou's name. (Based on a rumor spread in a pub in one of the further Rukongai districts after barely assessing a shinigami and supposedly killing the spirit of the would be assassin's zanpaktou in seconds.)

Personality :At one point in time it was rumored that he was one of the most reckless shinigami in Soul Society, and at one point was given the task of building the 10th division which was used an an infantry squad. As years of battle wore on he was better known for his calm, formal attitude.

History : After years of battle he became quieter, and more formal and was then rumored to be one of the strongest kidou users that Soul Society has ever known, but due to an attack, nearly all records of Takeda and his past were erased leaving only Captain Yamamoto to have access to the records pertaining to him, and what his true name really is. After this attack there were no casualties reported minus the Captain of 5th squad who was assumed dead. His childhood is even more myserious and has been rumored to be extremely bloody.

Division : Rouge Shinigami
Seat : None

Strengths : Takeda is a kidou master that has perfected nearly all forms known, and even a few that are considered to be punishable by death if used.

Weaknesses : Takeda's only real weakness is becoming tired quickly in long battles due to his age, and it is rumored that his eyesight is horrible.

Zanpakutou Information

Zanpakutou Name : Kageshi

Zanpakutou Command :Overwhelm, Kageshi

Inner World : Kageshi's inner world is actually two combined. The first 'half' is that of a barren red desert that is littered with the bones of thousands of enemies, while the second 'half' is that of a moonlit river at night with a single girl that sits at the edge tossing rocks into it every so often.

Zanpakutou Sprit :Due to the odd nature of Kageshi which is really two separate spirits, there is only one that appears regularly(The other has only ever made an appearance once, And the only thing about it he can remember is the blood red eyes). When Kageshi does make an appearance to Takeda, she looks like so:

Kageshi is also known as the oldest and wisest of any water/ice/fog based zanpaktou, and is possibly the most powerful. The other spirit that resides within has yet to show any type of elemental ability, so there is no known attacks or defenses used by this spirit.

Shikai Appearance :appears as a twin set of midnight black katanas, with only a red markings on the hilts in kanji that translates to "shadow" and "death".

Shikai Abilities : The two katanas are an ice/water/fog type, and therefor they can be used to confused opponents with ease.

Bankai Name :"Turn all hope into despair. Reap all of existence, Kageshi"

Bankai Appearance :Twin katanas form into twin reapers that are linked with a chain. They also change Takeda's appearance so that his haori turns completely Black With only the squad's number on the back being red. His body also generates seemingly ancient markings that completely cover him, and his face begins to have a separate set of markings on it.

Bankai Abilities : Kageshi's abilities skyrocket so that any type of water based or ice based attack is dulled and has almost no effect but instead is copied. This only works for any water/ice/fog based zanpaktou. The next ability that is Takeda's trump card is Kageshi's ability to 'reap' spirit energy from any opponent, which is more than likely the effect of the second spirit, and allows Takeda to regain strength.

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PostSubject: Re: Takeda Xinlai   Fri Jul 24, 2009 2:06 pm


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Takeda Xinlai
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