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 Squad 12 inventions

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PostSubject: Squad 12 inventions   Sat Jun 13, 2009 11:53 am

So, of course being the head scientist and researcher of squad 12, I have access to all the ridiculous stuff Mayuri Kurostuchi/Kisuke Urahara have come up with. The list is as follows -

Environment Melding Technique -  Zechs' ability to meld with the color and texture of the environment, even completely cutting off all spiritual pressure, making him invisible. Example - It was shown when Mayuri was attempting to track the Ryoka in Soul Society, he reveals himself as the topical camouflage flakes away.

Tracking Sensor - A small circular computer device. Zechs merely needs a strand of a person's hair to find them, or an equivalent of a persons DNA. By using a simple chemical process he can discern the location of the person in question using their DNA as a reference.

Superhuman Potion - A "superhuman drug" that can slow down a person's perception of time. The drug was passed on to Zechs, kept in a vial which is blue in appearance. It is able to make one second seem like 100 years for the unfortunate victim to whom it is administered. An undiluted dose of the drug causes the senses to speed up trillions of times while the relatively "slow" body fails to keep up, resulting in paralysis; on the other hand, it is implied that a diluted dose of the drug can greatly enhance the user's reaction speed. A single droplet would have to be diluted 250,000 times to be suitable for use.

Anti-Arrancar Mine - A landmine he designed which is meant to be effective against Arrancar. Once its sensors pick up an Arrancar's reiatsu, it detonates violently. Example - Uryū had recently used it on the Espada Yammy Rialgo, with the effect of critically injuring the Arrancar in his sealed state; the explosion was very powerful.

Bring gigai's back to life by ... apparently ... having sex with them ... not one I'm particularly proud of ...

Extendable/Exploding Arm:

Regeneration Serum - Called Hojiku-Zai, it's the gift from god that keeps on giving. Regrow limbs/heals massive body damage.

Last Resort Escape - Modified, Zechs activates this by stabbing his unreleased Zanpoktou into his neck. Once activated, he will burst into a gas that cannot be harmed, nor can he do any damage. Only used when run out of Hojiku-Zai and his battle plan does not work out, it takes days for him to reform after this.

Dummy Internal Organ/Bone/Nerves Pills - Like in the fight of Mayuri v Szayzel, Zechs can simply swallow a bottle of all internal component pills, replacing the real ones with dummies until they've served their purpose.

Reishi Locking Device: Mayuri developed several spherical objects with a band circling the middle and a button on one side. When activated, these spheres cause any Reishi they come into contact with to cease all activity for a specific amount of time. Useful against Quincy.

Postcognition Drug: Mayuri created a drug that bestows upon its user a Past Forecasting/Predicting Power. Its effect causes the user to enter a time loop in their mind during a battle; whenever they kill the person who administered the drug to them, they are sent back to a certain point in time and forced to battle him again, so the only way to exit the loop is to not kill Mayuri. However, because this drug affects the hippocampus section of the brain, which governs short-term memory, going back more than ten times will cause the user to experience complete bodily paralysis for thirty seconds due to the part of their brain that controls their sense of balance temporarily shutting down.

Reiatsu Amplifier: A machine that can amplify the users' Reiatsu, allowing them to make up for a deficit in their group should a powerful Shinigami leave. It is a large spherical device with an X-shaped lid on the front.

Reiatsu-restraining Material: In order to restrain the prisoners in Muken who, for one reason or another, cannot be killed, a material capable of restraining Reiatsu was created by Mayuri. Those imprisoned in restraints of this material have their Reiatsu limited to a small area around them. Mayuri can manipulate the level at which the Reiatsu can be used by the wearer of the restraints. This material is extremely durable, to the point where it can withstand a Hadō #90. Kurohitsugi cast by Sōsuke Aizen.

Hirenkyaku Shoes: Shoes that allow the wearer to perform the Quincy movement technique Hirenkyaku by gathering Reishi in the air underneath them, which activates by pressing a button on the back of the heel. Using these, the wearer can float a few inches above the ground, thus rendering all attacks requiring him/her to touch the ground useless. By pressing a section on the top of the shoes, Mayuri can propel himself forward with a continual blast of energy from the bottom of each shoe, like a rocket; the speed he gains from this allows him to easily dodge dozens of Heilig Pfeil being fired from multiple angles in rapid succession.

Nerve Freezing Agent: A drug injected into the nerves of an organism which forcefully freezes any organs connected to those nerves; open eyelids will remain open, hearts will not expand or contract, and mouths will become unable to shut. The blood of the organism also coagulates, effectively killing the target. Once the drug begins to take effect, the victim's skin becomes dark in coloration. However, this can be countered if the target's skin is divided into multiple layers, which allows it to simply shed a damaged one and remain unaffected.

Blood Reorganization Drug: Using blood samples of Gotei 13 members as a base, Mayuri created a drug that converts all of the blood within the body of the subject to blood which Mayuri himself has developed. He used this drug to counter the effects of The Zombie by converting Giselle's blood inside her zombies to his developed blood, allowing him to take control of her zombies and use them against her.

Anti-Shadow Clothing: After realizing that the Wandenreich's invasion of the Seireitei had something to do with shadows, Mayuri created luminescent clothing for himself and his lieutenant to prevent the formation of shadows around them. His outfit is composed of a large robe with a spiked hood, and Nemu's takes the form of a form-fitting robe with a top hat. Refered to as Explosive Reactive Armor, it blows if the wearer is crushed by an object, freeing them in the process and leaving him/her unscathed.

Data-gathering Bacteria: Implants opponents that escape from battle with data-gathering bacteria so as to monitor them afterwards, as was the case with Uryū. This was how Mayuri was able to counter Szayelaporro's Teatro de Titere using the information gleaned from the bacteria he had implanted within Uryū, he was able to quickly conceive and carry out an operation to safeguard himself and his lieutenant beforehand.

Revitalization Device: A pod that completely heals the user.


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PostSubject: Re: Squad 12 inventions   Fri Jun 19, 2009 4:04 pm

Original Creations

Hollow Defensive Captain's Haori - After applying the defensive properties of a Hollow mask to the Captain's Haori, Zechs Kotsu's white cloak can now simply deflect cero and bala blasts, however, can still be torn by any form of melee rip/blade cut.

Puppet Strings - Control 1 or 2 people with Spiritual Strings that shoot from all the 10 finger tips. It's actually an extension of Zechs' shikai webbing but doesnt need his blade release to do this, and as such can also be easily cut or broken with lieutenant level spiritual pressure/cut by blades.


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Squad 12 inventions
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