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 Raiji Miyamoto

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PostSubject: Raiji Miyamoto   Mon Nov 23, 2009 10:10 am

Character Information

Name : Raiji Miyamoto
Gender : Male
Surface Age : 19-20
Age: 200

Appearance :

Standing at six foot four with a lanky figure, he looks anorexic. It's a complete mystery where all the food he eats goes. Another notable feature about Raiji is his messy hair, being frizzy and falling all over the place around his head. When wet, it straightens out and falls halfway down his neck. When he moves, it bounces around with him.

His skin is a light tan, and his eyes are steely and gray. They are narrow, they are cold, they are mocking at times. When he appears to be in good spirits, his eyes can show the mocking gaze that he truly holds for anyone who may be falling for it.

He wears the typical shinigami uniform, the black hakama and the kimono. His sword is tucked away in his sash when it's not being used. Another notable feature of Raiji's attire are his geta; they each have steel plates on the bottom, used to parry some attacks, or to add an extra edge to kicks. (No they are not part of his zanpakuto.)

Personality :

Hotheaded, rude, and often called a jerk, Raiji is nothing but an anti hero. He thinks not with his mind, but with his stomach. If one had to guess, it'd be likely that anyone who knew Raiji would assume his loyalties lie with the first person to offer the most food (Not to mention he's always hungry and will steal food from just about anyone). He doesn't seem very reliable, although he can get his job done on occasion.

However, those occassions are rare, and hardly ever found. He's lazy in a sense, all over the place when he isn't under orders to complete a mission. He claims that when he's given orders, those orders are 'too much work,' but will fulfill them if he's convinced they weren't orders to begin with. In other words, if he's told to fight someone by a superior, he's less likely to actually go through with it. Despite his love of action. Really, he's just blatantly disrespectful.

However, when he does get to fighting, he's all over the place. He mixes various martial arts when he fights, and has a tendancy to parry attacks with the steel plates on the bottoms of his geta. He talks trash nonstop, and is angered very easily. Finding someone that he cares for enough to stop a fight he's already started is unlikely. The only way he'll stop is if he's unable to fight, or dragged away.

Every friend Raiji makes is only ever protected because of his twisted idea that he's the only one allowed to kill them. Before he can be dealt a killing blow, or before a friend can be dealt a killing blow, he'll say something along the lines of, "You can't kill me because I have someone else to kill first," or, "You can't kill him because that's my place." Twisted as it sounds, it's his way of saying he doesn't want his friend to die.

History :

Raiji's habits of stealing food are not without reason. No one knows where Raiji was born, seeing as he had amnesia at a very young age. All he knew was that he ended up in the sixty-second district of the Rukongai by the time he was seven. Everything before that was a blur, and he spent quite some time wandering the district. Quite simply, he was always hungry and had no money. So he developed a habit of stealing food from anyone who left it out. Along with any water people left within his grasp. He can't be blamed for the misfortune of him running into these short cravings for food, can he? Well, it got him into quite a few tight spots. He was nearly killed by a gang of angry residents within the first week of his appearing in the 62nd district, just because he grabbed the rice someone left sitting on a wooden fence. He was chased until he met a dead end, and would have been killed too, if he hadn't looked so pitiful that the leader declared he wasn't worth killing. Had it not been for those three words, he wouldn't have ever become a shinigami.

He started to have nightmares about himself sleepwalking in a feild full of gray grass and a starless sky overhead. But the dreams were oddly real, and they still haunted him until it occured to him that if he tried to become a shinigami he wouldn't have to live in the hellhole known as the sixty-second district. And so, he entered the shinigami academy. Unfortunately, it took him nearly twice as long to pass through, seeing as he relied on his agility, and his strange style of fighting, having absolutely zero ability with kido. He was considered a menance, and many of his senseis wondered why he was so... Well, most of them didn't like Raiji, let's just leave it at that. He had a problem with authority back then, seeing as he was scarred for life after the rice incident. He had a bit of a trust issue, and responding to commands he was given became too much work. Literally.

It was quite a shock when he graduated after his second whack at it. He was somewhere over a hundred by that time, and he was a bit of a laughing stock at first. It took years for him to get those people to shut up about his lack of 'skill.' People who focused more on using forms for swordsmanship thought that he used too many unnecassary movements. People who fought him with hand to hand thought he lacked form. Anyone he met knew he lacked respect for anyone but himself.

Division : 11
Seat : 4

Strengths : Hand to hand, speed and agility, swordsmanship
Weaknesses : Raiji has NO kido ability whatsoever, and no shunpo ability. He lacks the ability to use tactics in his fights
Reiatsu Color : Black

Zanpakutou Information

Zanpakutou Name : Itachi
Zanpakutou Command : Hinder
Inner World :

Raiji's inner world is... Odd. Day to day, the place seems to change in appearance. It is an endless feild, but the grass is not green. The grass in this perpetually extending feild is gray, the sky is black, and the moon is red. It glows with the same luminous glow that Itachi's eyes have, and is the only light in the starless, cloudless sky. In the 'center' of the feild, a stump sits, and the weasel that is Itachi makes a point of jumping onto it. The change in the stump happens to be the hight. When Raiji enters inner turmoil, the stump seems to grow by five feet and tower over Raiji. Usually the stump stops at his waist, but it grows when he is upset. By contrast, on the rare occassion that Raiji is genuinely in good spirits, the grass goes from gray to a dark violet.

Zanpakutou Sprit :
Personality: Itachi is like Raiji in the sense that he's hotheaded. He's like a little devil on Raiji's shoulders, urging him to get into a fight or to steal food. He will not listen to reason, instead he will clasp his little weasel paws over his little weasel ears and start to sing, drowning out the attempt at making sense. He's like a pomeranian in the sense that he thinks he's all big and intimidating. In fact, when he first met Raiji, he made a point of trying to appear ominous and terrifying. He was unamused when Raiji simply lifted him up by the tail and started to make fun of him.

Appearance: A very simple weasel, or at least at first glance. Itachi is entirely black, save for a white dot on his forehead. His pupils glow bright red, his irises white, and the lanky little creature is constantly scurrying about with boundless energy.

Sealed form:

Itachi is a nasty looking katana with a black hilt and a blade with a sharp angle as opposed to the normal curve that many katanas possess. The hilt has two points that point down and are capable of being used to parry attacks from a sword. While the blade is an average length for a katana, 24.5 inches, the hilt is just barely longer than what would be needed for three of Mugen's hands to grip it.

Shikai Appearance :

Itachi's released form seems like a very vicious weapon, being a black, metalic peice of equipment that is slipped between Raiji's fingers that cover his knuckles. There are four blades, each jetting out from where his knuckles are. The blades look like scale models of his sealed form, reaching out to an entire foot at the most. All in all, the weapon looks like there are claws jetting out of his hands.

Shikai Abilities :

Changing Length: The blades can change length, the highest length being up to a foot. When they change length, it is usually to allow free movement. This is similar to having retractable claws. However, if a blade breaks, that blade can no longer change lengths. If all four blades break, all other abilities become unaccessable. The blades extend at a rate of one inch per second.

Unsei: Every other time this is used in a fight, the affects backfire on Raiji. It simply causes the blades to extend to their limits (12 inches long) at a speed that nearly seems like the blades are being magically poofed into existance (basically moving at the speed of a moderately fast shunpo.) However, if this is one of those moments when it backfires, one of the blades will break off in the process, leaving a clean break at the base. This is why the blades normally extend at an inch per second.

Bankai Name : N/A
Bankai Appearance : N/A

Bankai Abilities: N/A

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PostSubject: Re: Raiji Miyamoto   Mon Nov 23, 2009 10:11 am

I'd like to use this character but leave him up if others would like to use him. ^-^
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PostSubject: Re: Raiji Miyamoto   Mon Nov 23, 2009 10:39 am

Not to mention you've got enough characters to balance between. But nice imagination.

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PostSubject: Re: Raiji Miyamoto   Mon Nov 23, 2009 10:44 am

I resent that. xD Dude, I keep up with like, nine sites. Some of them I have more characters than this.
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PostSubject: Re: Raiji Miyamoto   

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Raiji Miyamoto
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