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 Lenora Barreira

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Tetsuya / Lenora / Takeda
Tetsuya / Lenora / Takeda

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PostSubject: Lenora Barreira   Sun Sep 20, 2009 6:26 pm

Character Information

Name :Lenora Barreira
Gender :Female
Surface Age : 939
Visual Age : 23

Appearance :

Lenora stands at exactly six feet in height, so it isn’t unusual for her to match or tower over her male counterparts, and she almost always surpasses the height of other women. Her body structure is highly covetous, possessing what most refer to as an “hourglass figure”.She is still highly athletic, as can be seen by her toned arms, midriff and legs. Considering Lenora's height and athleticism, she could never be described as “delicate”, “venerable”, or "cute". Instead, the adjectives commonly used to describe her are; “beautiful”, “sensuous”, “sexy” and “exotic”. Though, perhaps not the most beautiful creature to have been seen by mortal eyes, Lenora is still very pleasing to behold.

Wavy hair of the uncommon color of pink, the same shade that cherry blossoms possess, is worn long and generally unkempt, falling past her shoulders with heavy bangs that almost obscure her gaze. Large thickly-lashed eyes of a hypnotic shade of blue that shows hints of purple under certain lighting, reflecting high intelligence, determination and seem to possess the ability to peer into the very souls of others in their scrutiny. Her facial structure is narrow and highly feminine, her nose long but narrow, and her lips plump and of a shade similar to that of her hair. Her skin is flawless but though it appears soft and warm the exact opposite is the case, being cool and hard like marble stone. Scarred into the pale naked flesh upon her upper right arm is the place where the number "1" had once been branded into her. No other scars or signs of experience of battle can be seen upon Lenora, not even on her hands – which are completely free of calluses. Her hollow hole is located at the base of her forehead, though her long bangs hide it from view, and the remains of her hollow mask linger just above the mentioned hole, also hidden away from sight behind her long bangs, and resemble a series of diamonds against her skin.

Lenora’s choice in fashion shares the common trait of all Arrancar clothing in that every inch of her attire, with the exception of her black socks, is a pure, untainted white, though that is where all similarities end. For one, the jacket that she wears is equipped with a large hood, which Lenora always adorns, with her long pale hair cascading down her chest unbound, and the ends of her long pale sleeves act almost like gloves, being connected to the knuckles of her three main fingers on either hands. Her pale hakama sits just below her hips and is altered so that it is almost skin-tight and lacks the creases that most hakama possess. Her feet are protected by traditional martial arts training shoes, resembling pale heelless slippers, and secured to her right side, via a jet-black sash, is a Jian.

Personality :
A common trait amongst Arrancar, and particularly the Espada, is a taste for bloodshed, a habit of violence and a lack of self-control. Lenora Barreira does not follow through with this stereotype.

Though she is powerful, Lenora would rather not partake in violence if given the chance not to. She has a low tolerance for blood and cannot stand the sight of it. Rather than partake in violence she would rather lounge about with a good book, take part in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, or just stare up at the starry night sky. Imagining images by the design of fluffy white clouds, or pointing out numerous glittery constellations. Rarely does she ever socialize with her fellow Espada or Arrancar and is often found alone, which causes her to appear somewhat anti-social, though this isn’t the case. If any of her comrades should ask to stay with her or join in on her activities, she would not hesitate to allow them to, happy for their company, but rarely do those of hollow kind get together to do anything but fight and take life, activities that do not appeal to her.

An expression of impassiveness is almost constantly seen on her face, as if she were bored, her emotions guarded, and which only emphasis her image of being anti-social, though she is hardly aware of her stoic facial expression. Having learned to hide her thoughts behind a placid mask back when she had been the “Tercera Espada”. She is highly intelligent, almost superiorly so, and is skilled at observation and predicting the actions and thoughts of others after a quick reading of their personality, though she doesn’t care to flaunt this trait of hers.

An aspect that sets Lenora Barreira apart from other Arrancar is her lack of hatred, fear of disdain for the Shinigami, or even for the humans. To her, both are equally lesser beings.

History :
As a human, she had been born in a time of great warfare and danger. Where every day more corpses littered the streets and families no longer bothered to mourn for those who were lost. Back then, Lenora was just one of countless orphans, over-looked and regarded worse than vermin, treated as if she didn’t exist. No kindness was spared towards her and numerous barriers were set before her, all wanting to see her fail. To watch her die. But she had an unwavering desire to live, despite the environment that she found herself within, for death was a concept that terrified her, and her own childish mind held pitifully to thin shreds of hope. Hope that life would start to get just a little bit better for her. She picked up skills of thievery and deceit when she was but a child, taking whatever she could for herself and running away from any signs of danger, like a rat. She was fortunate to be swift-of-foot and cautious of mind, as it prevented her from getting into any dire trouble, unlike other fellow orphans who constantly got caught and received death as their punishment. She was painfully alone, for her own safety more than any other reason as it was a common trait amongst those around Lenora to take advantage of any sign of weakness, and to back-stab their fellow human being. Lenora had learned that lesson the hard way, having attempted on more than one occasion to exist with her fellow orphans, only for them to steal her stuff or use her as a decoy to make their own escape. But despite these wrongs, She yearned for companionship, hating the loneliness that she felt constantly within herself, like an injury she could not locate in order to heal. Having grown up in this harsh world, she took any jobs she could get and by the time she had turned 20 Lenora had done her share of horrible deeds to feed herself and find shelter. Using her beauty to her advantage, she would often sleep with the more powerful and wealthier men, stealing money and other such possessions from them. Eventually her deeds caught up to her forcing her to flee and travel through the forests on the outskirts of town. Within four days a group of men whom one of the men had sent out after Lenora had caught up with them, capturing her. Forced to the ground, face pressed painfully down against rough earth whilst both her hands and feet were bound together, each man kicked her repeatedly until her throat was finally slit and her blood spilled across the jungle floor. Dead, her body was left there like trash, soon to be eaten by the jungle’s inhabitants.

Clan : N/A
Rank :N/A

Strengths : Extremely intelligent and very fast.
Weaknesses : Common human fears such as rats, bugs and death.

Riatsu Color :

Resurreccion Information

Zanpakutou Name :Mariposa Negra “Black Butterfly”
Zanpakutou Command :Capturar Todos, or "capture all"

Resurrecion Appearance :

(Add slim black markings that appear up and down her body in strange swirl-like patterns.)

Resurrecion Abilities :

“Clavos de Sombra" “Nails of Shadow”: This ability is Lenora’s main means of attack and acts in a manner similar to how she tends to wield her Jian in battle. By reciting the name of this ability and focussing a small amount of her spiritual pressure at her hands, creating a small spiritual cacoon around each of her fingers and claws, the tips of her gloves lengthen and sharpen, transforming into claws, similar to that of a cat’s. Lenora uses these claws of hers like many small swords, lashing out and raking her enemy, seeking to tear them in half, as each nail bares a lethal sharpness to the point where it can cut through flesh and bones like a knife through butter. Though, as these are nails attached to her hands, she must fight at close proximity to her opponent due to the limited reach at her exposure, limiting her defense.

Resurreccion Segunda Etapa Appearance: No noticeable changes, but Lenora's riatsu seemingly strengthen while her speed is slowed greatly.

Resurreccion Segunda Etapa Abilities :
“Muerte Mariposas” “Death Butterflies”: By focusing her attention on a certain area of her body, the strange inky swirls that dance upon Lenora’s pale flesh begin to rise up and break away from her skin, molding themselves into small inky black butterflies in the process, which spread their wings and take to the sky. Incapable of individual thought, these strange creatures share a telepathic link with Lenora, acting on any of her thoughts rather than on spoken instructions. Though seemingly harmless, these strange beings will intend to attach themselves to the bodies of others before instantly exploding in pink fire, burning and possibly inflicting injury in the process. Working in perfect teamwork, it is difficult to avoid these creatures, and though they can not reform upon being destroyed, there appears to be no limit to how many She can summon. However, it takes a great deal of concentration to do this, causing her to become immovable and unable to protect herself in any other way. As such, Lenora has only ever used this technique twice due to the amount of damage it causes her after the battle.

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PostSubject: Re: Lenora Barreira   Tue Sep 22, 2009 12:50 pm

approved. Its quite a cool character
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Lenora Barreira
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