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 Kenji Arishima

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PostSubject: Kenji Arishima   Wed Jul 01, 2009 8:03 am

Name :Kenji Arishima
Age : 15
Gender : male
Looks :

Species: Shinigami/Secret Vizrad
Personality :Fun always playing and doing his work ready to look out and help a friend or do whats right.
Division:none (ex 6)
Seat:none (ex vice)
History:Kenji lived a poor life but even then he never looked sad as time passed he wanted to do something with his life. After meeting Renji and Kira Kenji got himself a new name and went to the academy. Even when he went to the academy it was still hard but meet some people and learned to contral his power.After a faw years of work Kenji passed and beat Renji with out useing his shikai.Kenji was happy but never stopped training or will.
Mask Looks:

Other Things:Is super speed master but wants to be batter. After beating Renji his sword never went back to its sealed from. His zanpaktou spirit is a gold kinght.

Command:Fight Kishin
Sealed From Looks:what i would look like if it was in this from

Shikai Looks:
Shikai Description:To anybody else beside Kenji the sword is super heavy the way to pick it up is if he gives a command.Kenji shikai has the power the cut any spirit any enegry by swinging his sword but being as Kenji is just a little stronger then a vice should be he can't cut everything.Kenji shikai when swung a slash of blue spirit enegry is released this is his attack power.

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PostSubject: Re: Kenji Arishima   Fri Jul 24, 2009 2:10 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Kenji Arishima   Sat Aug 01, 2009 7:09 pm

Kenji has been killed
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PostSubject: Re: Kenji Arishima   Sat Aug 01, 2009 7:12 pm

ok guess i'll close the topic for now
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PostSubject: Re: Kenji Arishima   

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Kenji Arishima
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