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 Isamu Gushiken

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PostSubject: Isamu Gushiken   Mon Jun 22, 2009 11:20 am

Name : Isamu Gushiken

Isamu is writen with the Kanji for "exploit" and Gushiken is writen with the Kanji for "courage"

Age : looks around 19 for a human. So around 380's quite young for a soul reaper, let alone a captain. This means that he hasn't reached the height of his power.
Gender : Male
Looks : Messy, straight white/Greyish hair. He has red eyes similar to Gin. For his age his average height. Pale white skin.

Personality : Isamu personality is known to change. At one moment when with his fellow soul reapers, hes calm cool and a nice guy, but then he seems to have a dark evil side to him, which hungers for more power and riches.

Division :10th (Yuumei aswell)

Seat :Captain (Leader)

History : Isamu was born in the soul society. He was born into a lower noble house, all of which became Shinigami. Isamu's attitude was the opposite of his familys. Isamu was known from a young age to be Power hungery and all round greedy. He entered the shinigami school like his family before him. Although being very smart, his lazy attitude ment that his grades were just above average. He graduated quickly and became a menber of the 3rd squad. He remained there until becoming the 4th seat of squad 8. Soon though the other captain seem to noicte Isamu talent, along with his quest for greater power. At this time Isamu tryed to leave the soul society but was brought back by Zechs and spent some time in prision. On his realse he seemed to give up on this quest and focused on his work and training. In turn Isamu became the squad 10 captain.

Although this wasn't enough to fill Isamu hunger for power. He formed a organization called yuumei, and recruited warriors to work for him. Then he came across someone more evil than him. A man known only as S, this man beat him in single combat and took something very precious away from him and forced him and yuumei to do a job for him. Now He begins this task to regain what was taken from him.

Other Things :

Some of the other captains have suspisions about Isamu

Very smart, just like all the other captains

Know as one of the quickest flash step masters in the gotei 13 although due to his young age, he isn't at his full potental. So Isamu remains behind on or two captains.


Command : "Freeze over" Touketsu sune-ku

Sealed Form Looks : In its sealed form Touketsu karasu looks like a snormal Katana with a light green handle and a X shaped guard.

Shikai Looks : Once realsed Touketsu sune-ku's blade an Ice blue colour and covered in ice. Its handle becomes Ice blue Isamu also gains a pair of ice blue fingerless gloves

Shikai Description :Touketsu sune-ku is an Ice Zanpaktou. Its Main ablilty is to freeze objects to the core and make them usless or immoble. Then His zanpaktou can shatter anything the ice has frozen. This can be done in three ways

Firstly Touketsu sune-ku can form ice on any surface in a 35 metre range around Isamu. This ice can take any form from a wall to a charging stalagmite. If used for attack purposes it will damage the foe and freeze anything than came into contact with the ice. If used defensively. Anything coming into direct contact with the ice will be frozen.

Touketsu sune-ku can also freeze opponents by coming into direct contact with the Zanpaktou it self. This method is quicker than using the Ice at range, therefore more effective.

Lastly the gloves gain in shikai, and that are present in bankai, are also parts of the zanpaktou. Therefore ice can besummoned using them aswell as the zanpaktou blade. Although this has a small range of 28 metres.

Once frozen Isamu can shatter the ice along with the frozen object anytime he choses.

Isamu can create Ice clones with his shikai. He can create up to two ice clones at the same time. These clone cannot use the shikai special ability. Alought the zanpaktou itself can become an Ice clone. This way the clone can use the shikai's abilites although it leaves the true Isamu defensless.

Bankai Name : Touketsu tentei sune-ku ( Frozen Heavenly Snake King )

Bankai Desctription : When Isamu's bankai is realised, Isamu zanpaktou loses its ice and becomes a Ice blue Kanata.

Then the surronding water vapour in the air is used to create a Giant Cobra out of ice. This Snake is around the 90 metres tall when coiled and with its head and neck up (so around the size of Komamura's bankai). This is controled by Isamu. It can use any other water vapour in the air to create ice if slightly melted or destroyed. The snakes abilites are :

Anything the snake touches becomes instantly frozen, apart from Isamu and anything he tells the cobra not to harm.

Being so massive its primary attck it just slaming down or charging at the opponent .

koori yari rein (Ice spear rain) - The giant Cobra shoots out Ice shards out of its mouth the size of the spear blade (so around 1 metre. Due to its massive size, its called rain as it falls over a large area. Were it falls is down to Isamu.

Finallly theres Tentousama kooriken which is were Isamu's bankai takes its final form of attack. It transforms into a long white Katana. The swings of the Katana are extremely powerful. In this form The katana can shoot out sharp long shard of ice. Whatever the shards touch becomes covered in ice and then shatters.

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PostSubject: Re: Isamu Gushiken   Fri Jul 24, 2009 2:07 pm


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Isamu Gushiken
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